The benefits of natural stone flooring

With natural stone flooring, you’ll likely have a floor covering that never needs replacing, thanks to lifespans that can exceed 50 years with professional installation. They also meet your needs for stunning beauty and décor matching. In addition, natural stone floors require minimal attention, thanks to their easy maintenance.

The more you know about these materials, the better they can serve you, so here are some facts to help you begin.

What about travertine tile?

Travertine is water and moisture-resistant, offering durability and an easy maintenance schedule. These products also provide an impressive visual appeal, with travertine tile options that are easy to fabricate and shape. So, even though these natural floors are incredibly versatile, they're also a cost-effective choice for your home, no matter where they're installed.

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What about marble flooring?

Marble is one of the most sought-after materials for homeowners who need a floor covering for a formal or high-end area. These products require sealing and upkeep to avoid damage, but they offer some of the most beautiful décor matching options in the flooring industry. If you prefer an eco-friendly flooring option, you'll undoubtedly want to learn more about marble flooring.

Why choose natural stone flooring?

Natural stone flooring is the epitome of luxury and leisure, but it also helps secure a place in your home for 50 to over 100 years. Each stone type offers different characteristics and maintenance requirements, and we can help you find the perfect match for your lifestyle and durability requirements. There are stone products that work for every homeowner, with extended benefits to make them even more appealing, so you'll want to learn more about them at your earliest convenience.
Natural stone in Chico, CA from Chico Design Center

We’re here for your natural stone flooring needs

Chico Design Center proudly offers outstanding natural stone flooring options that cater to your preferences and requirements, with materials built to last. We bring over 20 years of industry experience to your project of any size and answer all your questions about what they offer and how they perform. Then, when you're ready to pick materials that cater to your every need, we're here to help.

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