Hardwood flooring can serve your home well

When you choose hardwood flooring, you may never have to pick a replacement flooring as long as you're in your home. Wood floors can provide lifespans of over 100 years, with stunning visuals and outstanding durability as bonuses, no matter your hardwood type. Of course, the more you know about your options, the better decisions you can make, so here are some hardwood ideas to help you shop.

Fantastic wood flooring for an excellent remodel

If you need the best visual appeal, solid and engineered wood flooring offer something for everyone, with plenty of ways to customize the surfaces to your liking. Ask to see various wood floors, colors, textures, and layouts, to mix and match for the perfect results, from rustic to modern and everything in between. It's even possible to layer additional textures and visuals with a few well-placed rugs or runners, especially in busy areas.

Hardwood flooring is very durable, especially if you choose the species type that best matches your needs. Some are harder than others, so they stand up better to daily wear, like scratching, scuffing, and denting. Even a textured surface can guard against light scrapes and scuffs, leaving you with better-looking wood floors for longer.

Choosing the proper sealant and learning everything you need to know about maintaining your hardwood flooring is essential. For most products, a dust mop and a damp mop are often all you need for excellent results. Area rugs can come in handy again for collecting dust and debris, a cleaner wood surface, and longer-lasting materials.

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