Choosing the best countertops

As you start your bathroom or kitchen remodel, you may find the number of available countertops overwhelming. As you hone your list of preferences and requirements, you'll find you can ignore many options because they don't fit your needs. The more you know about countertops and how they can serve you, the better decisions you can make concerning your necessary elements.

What to know about marble countertops

Marble is one of the most luxurious surfaces, offering stunning and distinct visuals in various colors for a décor match you'll enjoy for decades. In addition, the surfaces are durable, heat resistant, and very affordable, to name only a few benefits found in marble countertops. Of course, since these are all-natural materials, they must be sealed and resealed, but they’re affordable enough upfront to make it well worth your time.

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What to know about granite countertops

Granite is another all-natural material offering impressive performance in every area that matters to homeowners, including stunning beauty and remarkable features. It is also a durable surface, resisting cracks, chips, and scratches, and with the proper sealant, it resists stains and moisture well. With professional installation, these surfaces can easily last over 50 years, making granite countertops a reasonable choice for all homeowners.

What to know about quartz countertops

Quartz is not a natural countertop surface, but it's highly sought after because of its extensive durability, which some homeowners label indestructible. Homeowners also appreciate quartz because it's easier to maintain than surfaces made of natural materials and never needs sealing. In addition, quartz countertops resist heat, stains, and bacteria for an all-purpose surface that caters to a wealth of needs, all from the same product.
Countertops in Chico, CA from Chico Design Center

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Chico Design Center has over 20 years of experience in the industry, offering marble, granite, quartz countertops, and more. Our showroom is stocked with impressive materials that cater to every need, and we'll help you find your best match while you're here. Share your dream concepts, and we can help make them a reality for any size project, large or small.

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